Top Cities in California for Crime Scene Cleanup Services

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If you live in California you may already have seen a billboard or watched news video of the interesting growth of the obscure business of crime scene cleaners. You would under normal circumstance not wonder about this kind of business, but the recent news exposure and drama tv shows that portray this industry have drawn a lot of attention. However for those of you who do not know, a crime scene cleanup company in California is the type of business you would call to clean the aftermath from a death. It is not necessarily a crime scene like a murder. In fact many more times then not it is for a natural death. When people die there is hazardous material that is left where their corpse laid. For the most part this is blood but it can also be decomposed flesh and even feces from defecation that happens when someone dies.

For the trained crime scene cleaner, none of this is shocking. But that does not mean it isn't for the average person. Many families have had death in them, but they are usually in a hospital or discovered by a spouse immediately. In todays modern chaotic world which involves pandemics and a host of other new world dilemmas, we live further a part then ever. Due to this and other factors, some people will die and not be discovered right away. When this occurs it becomes a decomposed or unattended death cleanup. When you need a unattended death removed and cleaned, you actually need crime scene cleanup services. We know it's a bit confusing but that's because of how the entire business of cleaning the aftermath of a death all started in the first place.

Long story short, over two decades ago when the first crime scene cleanup company was formed it was due to a need to help Police in California when they need a hazards of a corpse removed. This was usually after a crime scene had already been properly investigated and now was being turned back to families. Police use to help these families but due to the emerging disease we know as AIDS, they became unable to assist. So they and many families began looking for cleaning companies that would be willing to. Not so surprising to anyone, most traditional cleaning services would simply not do this. They feared they did not have the right equipment and quite frankly some of these scenes are overwhelming to the average person. It soon became apparent that professional companies had to develop. With this came many years of legislation, reform, and policy that was designed to create companies that could help consumers and protect the cleaners themselves. To do this crime scene cleanup training and host of other programs were developed. Qualifying companies worked to make sure they had all the right licensing and certification. This allow the crime scene cleanup companies located within California to know they had the correct requirements and procedures to help people.

Fast forward to today and we see only a few crime scene cleanup companies but many of them have expanded into help with anything related to cleaning blood from homes. This made these companies to become the primary cleaning companies for any crime scene, suicide or unattended death. It also included many medical practices in California to contract with biohazard cleaning companies to ensure they had proper sanitization when accidents happened. To continue this work some larger companies set up multiple service locations to help people faster. We have companies that do crime scene cleanup in Berkeley CA as well as one that does crime scene cleanup services in Hollywood California.

To help the people in Northern California you have more space between cities and so we see that there was a need for more service spots. This brought out the need for the crime scene cleanup company in Sacramento as well as one that does crime scene cleanup in Fresno. Below is a list of the top 10 cities that are doing more in 2021 to help with any after death cleaning.

Top 10 Cities for Crime Scene Cleanup in California

As we promised in the beginning of this we intend to list the top cities where help is needed for crime scene cleaning in California. These cities do always have the highest crime rates, and it does not mean they are unsafe. Remember many people need crime scene cleanup companies for things like suicide cleanup or a unattended death. So be aware there is a number of good reasons people are trying to find help in these cities below. So to start we will now list out our top picks for cities in California.

We plan to keep bringing you more information. With our future plans to write articles on after death cleanup in California and a future one on unattended death's and their impact on the California economy.

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